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Il Palazzo del Magnifico was the residence of Pandolfo Petrucci, bright and smart man who became for Siena a sort of "gentleman of the city" from 1487 to 1512 and which earned him the title of "the Magnificent", for his work of reconciliation between citizens factions inspired by the figure of Lorenzo the Magnificent. The Palace was built on commission of Pandolfo Petrucci in 1508, by Domenico di Bartolomeo, designed by Giacomo Cozzarelli, becoming one of the most magnificent mansions of the time, furnished by the most important artists in Siena at the end of 400. Today, the architectural structure, is the only thing that last, because furniture and decorations were dismembered in the nineteenth century, and today are kept in the most important local and foreign museums. Great importance is represented by the main hall on the main floor, who the Magnificent commissioned to the most famous artists, including Pinturicchio, Luca Signorelli and Girolamo Genga. Currently part of the ceiling is kept at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.


Filippo the owner was most helpful from the time we made the booking to the time we left his excellent hotel. He was able to provide advice before arrival, the traditional tourist map, as well as well as excellent restaurant advice, with osterio gusto, just around the other side of the cathedral to the hotel.

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